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Corporate minute book

A corporate minute book is a binder containing corporate records of the corporation.

By law, corporations are required to maintain certain records with respect to their shareholders, directors and officers, as well as important decisions that have been made by the corporation. A minute book also holds other corporate records such as the Certificate of Incorporation, corporate By-laws and records of share ownership. A minute book is a central place for storage of all of this information.

Many incorporation websites will sell you a minute book, but will only give you blank documents for you to fill in. In our experience, this often leads to corporate records not being kept or being completed incorrectly, which can cause significant problems in the future.

The minute books we provide upon incorporation (whether physical or digital), contain all of the corporate resolutions, By-laws, registers, ledgers and other documents required to properly set up the corporation and record organizational decisions.

If you’d like more information about corporate minute books or record keeping requirements for corporations click on the Book a Consultation button below to speak with an Alberta business lawyer.

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